What is a content subscription?

At this time we only offer subscriptions for content: Great Content and Next-Level Content.

We do not offer subscriptions on Content Briefs or Content Roadmaps just yet.

When placing an order for content, you can choose a one-time order or you can subscribe to save 10%.

What happens when you subscribe?

After the first order, a new one is automatically generated each month and you are billed for it at that time. After the order has been created, you will get an email alert saying it's time to fill out the intake form for the order.

Subscriptions work just like they do when subscribing to other products or services from other businesses. For example, when subscribing to toilet paper on Amazon, Amazon will ship the toilet paper to you once a month and charge you.

How to create a content subscription

When placing a content order, simply check the box that says "Subscribe to save 10%".

How to cancel a content subscription

If you have a subscription you'd like to cancel, log into my.contentamigo.com and click on "Subscriptions".

Then click on the subscription you'd like to cancel by clicking on the order number / ID.

Click the three vertical dots, and then select "Cancel subscription".

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