Schema Entities Markup

What is Schema?

In Layman's terms, Schema is a type of code you can add to a webpage. Users won't be able to to see the code, but search engines will be able to read it. Scheme provides a way for you to tell search engines more about the content on a given webpage. provides descriptive tags you can use to tag certain types of information in your content. For example, if you have an article about Google, you can use the Organization tag to tell search engines that the article is talking about the Organization Google.

What are Entities?

In regards to, entities are notable things such as Organizations, People, Places and Locations. Essentially, entities are important things.

Schema Entities helps search engines understand information about a person, organization, or place mentioned on a webpage. Using entities makes it easier for search engines to process and analyze data.

  • Entities describe the “things”
  • Entities help organize content
  • Entities provide contextual information

What is Markup?

Markup is another way of saying code. So Schema Markup is just the code you would use on a webpage if you wanted to help make it easier for search engines to understand what the content is talking about.

Do I have to use Schema Entities Markup?

No, not at all. We simply provide it for users who would like to utilize it. But it's not required.

Where do I put Schema Markup?

⚠️ We do not provide support on how to implement the Schema markup, we simply supply you with the code. It's your responsibility to implement it properly.

If you have a developer, they should have no trouble adding the Schema markup to a webpage on your behalf.

You can place the JSON-LD Schema markup in the <head> or <body> section of a webpage.

You can add the code anywhere on your website. It doesn’t matter if you place it in the head or the body section. Google will have no problem reading the code.

Since JSON-LD is a data linking format, there are no additional requests to the server. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the script is loaded at the top or bottom of the page – there is no render delaying whatsoever.

Here's an example below of how to add JSON-LD Schema markup to a WordPress website.

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